Elena’s Versions — Internet system. Life-Time 25% Commissions + Two-Tier!

Elena’s Versions — Internet system. Life-Time 25% Commissions + Two-Tier!

Elena’s Models relationship affiliate program is a superb solution to enhance your internet site with pictures of beautiful ladies, and make money when individuals subscribe from your own recommendation and purchase memberships. Get massive 25% payout PLUS 5% second-tier commissions on product sales of one’s affiliates that are second-tier.

Benefits of Elena’s versions affiliate system

  • Life time 2-tier commissions
  • Our snacks never expire
  • Ideal for high-traffic male interest internet sites
  • Earn money on all product product sales, also 5 years later on!
  • Spending since 1999

2-tier life time commissions

Not just you obtain payout for several users whom subscribe during your links but additionally an eternity second-tier commissions for every affiliate you referred. Put another way, in the event that individual X found our website after your website link, and chose to be our partner, then you’ll definitely get 5% repayment on all product sales X creates.

Eligibility for EM dating affiliate system

Your internet site can fit in with any industry, nevertheless, it ought to be appropriate, ethical, and cannot infringe upon Elena’s versions registered trademark.

Quite simply, « reviews » internet sites that make an effort to make use of our trademark that is registered in Address’s will never be accepted in our affiliate program.