Best Gas String Trimmer For Pros And Property Owners

And it’s priced in the middle range of what similar models cost. Ego’s ST1511T far outperformed the other brands in run time and power. Its telescoping shaft and handle are easy to adjust and make the tool very comfortable to use, even for extended trimming sessions. I want to warn you that this equipment is not for commercial use. It neither can handle a lawn with very thick grass nor trim large tracts of land. Although it is not designed for heavy-duty tasks, this Bluemax model is fantastic for small compounds and light gardening tasks.

It was one of the most powerful trimmers we have ever used with the new head, but at 14 pounds, it may be a little heavy for some users. The adjustable height and handle make it perfect for any person to use this weed eater. The handle is fitted with premium microtexture soft grip which will make your trimming experience as comfortable as possible with no need for wearing big and bulky gloves. There is a variable speed trigger for optimal battery efficiency when you don’t need power, and lots of power for when you do.

Best Overall Tanka 26cc Weed Eater

This weed eater is designed with a straight shaft that can reach around and under shrubs, trees, and other obstacles with incredible ease. Say goodbye to overgrowth and troublesome weeds with this impressive gas weed eater from Craftsman. We’ve taken 11 of the best gas weed eater reviews on the market for you to choose from. Each one is high-quality, made to last, and will be the solution for all your gardening needs. The straight shaft further allows the trimmer to produce more power so that users can quickly cut through any foliage or brush with ease. Prices vary greatly for gas weed eaters with cheap models around $100 and more expensive models around $500, so having a budget is important.

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The 5 best pressure washers, according to experts.

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Remember, you don’t want to go with the lightest available trimmer either. One with more heft usually corresponds to a higher engine output that improves your efficiency. The extra weight also acts as an anti-vibration mechanism too, absorbing some of the best gas weed trimmers vibrational energy. The BC280 offers smooth, reliable power and great reachability at a reduced price compared to the four-stroke BC490. Pro Tool Reviews is a successful online publication that has been providing tool reviews and industry news since 2008.

Ryobi Ry253ss Full Crank Straight Gas Shaft String Trimmer

When you need to work on more serious weeds and brush, you can swap the trimmer head for the heavy-duty 10 inch brush cutter. All weed eaters have similarities, including having a primary purpose of trimming weeds and areas where you can’t reach with your lawnmower, around the edge of the rock garden for instance. But there are differences between cordless, electric, and gas weed eaters that you will need to know. But what if you don’t have ready access to power where you’re working, or you’re likely to be cutting through thicker, dry underbrush or heavy grass with lots of hard stems? For most homeowners, all they’re ever likely to need to neaten up the edge along the driveway or raised bed is a string trimmer.

Best for – Gas Powered is most suitable for more substantial jobs, which will take you longer than 30 minutes to complete. They are best suited for cutting tall grass, weeds, and heavy buildup around trees and fences. The engine might be hard to start for some users, and they will require more maintenance than other types. For a unit that costs $250, owners are not thrilled with the cheap guard and other plastic hardware. Several users stressed the importance of wearing safety goggles when using this trimmer in particular due to the small guard size. The truth is that there are numerous more effective techniques for using a string trimmer, some of which are explained below.

Ryobi Ry253ss 25cc Straight Shaft 18 Lawn Grass Weed Trimmer 2 Cycle Gas Power

That’s because it only puts out 93 dB of noise, which is a sharp improvement from older gas weed eaters. It only produces around 3.7 m/s² of vibration, too, which further cuts down on user fatigue. Next up is the Husqvarna 129C, which has really made an effort to redefine “ease of use” when it comes to gas weed eaters. That starts with this model’scurved shaft, which evenly distributes the unit’s already light weight load and makes it easier to trim with precision without needing to over-exert one’s self.

  • If you feel reviews shown on a manufacturer’s website might be bias, be comforted to know Popular Mechanics has also rated this trimmer as one of their top picks.
  • Cub Cadet’s BC280 is a 27cc, two-stroke gasoline weed eater equipped with greater reaching ability, especially under shrubs and lawn furniture.
  • The engine is connected to the head by means of a 48 inch curved shaft which is not only good for lawn edging but also very easy to maneuver around obstacles while trimming with it.
  • This same T25 trimmer head is fairly durable as well and also easy to reload when your current spool runs out.
  • Thankfully, you never have to worry about that with this string trimmer, since it’s powered by an internal rechargeable battery rather than requiring a direct connection to a power outlet.
  • Yet as much as we value consistent battery compatibility, we think $100 for a cordless trimmer that hits all the right points is a solid value .
  • Long story short, it enables users to work at a comfortable height, which reduces physical strain and provides more control.
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  • The battery is compatible with other EGO POWER+ tools and includes LED charging indicators.
  • As the cord spins under the motor’s power, it slices cleanly through grass, light weeds, and soft materials at the height you’re holding it.

This was also no match, the trimmers cut right through them. Even with 5 and 10 pieces glued together…they just cut right through it. Wood and wooden dowels were too inconsistent, and it would typically break the string before completing the task. Cardboard is no match – even the “weakest” trimmer of the bunch can cut through several inches of solid cardboard immediately. We also used Echo Black Diamond .095 trimmer line in all our trimmers.

Feed Head

The dual-line head, with a bump feeding system, makes it easy to trim the yard without having to take multiple breaks for manual line feeding, so users can get yard work done in a hurry. It is a machine that should always be handled with proper precautions. In essence, a weed eater or weed whacker is a specialized type of outdoor power tool that allows you to trim grass and weeds with a greater level of precision than a lawn mower.

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A Lush Lawn Without Pesticides.

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Also, such motors serve for a longer time and don’t break as frequently as others. Now we come to the best of the three options, in our opinion; the gas weed eater. Well, the best gas trimmer will be a big investment that definitely won’t leave you disappointed if you’re looking for a piece of outdoor power equipment that will stand the test of time.

Weed Eater Fx26sce

We recommend using ear protection no matter which string trimmer you use. But even with padded ears, it’s easy to pick up on the Ryobi’s whine. If the Ego ST1511T is not available, our next choice is the Ego ST1521S Power+ String Trimmer with Powerload.

They are getting to a stage now where some of them are comparable to gas powered machines. Easy start technology and 2-step starting make it easier to crank without a lot of effort or wasted time. Improperly mixing the oil to fuel ratio or not including oil can make a two-stroke engine seize up and stop working. Your mixture needs to contain one bottle of two-stroke engine oil (2.6 ounces) with one gallon of gas. If you’re using two gallons of gas, you’ll need two oil bottles and so on. You can cut up to a 13” section using a 0.080” twisted line that you feed at the push of a button instead of tapping on the ground.

Best of all, the manufacturer offers standard warranty service for 2 years. When the cord shortens, you can tap a button, and the trimming cord lengthens. Some weed trimmers have automatic cord extenders on the handle. Others have a button beneath the trimming cord that you tap.

A device with a curved shaft also comes as more durable because such a design allows the flexibility of the drive cable. The curved shafts also have a better balance than straight ones that increases their maneuverability in hard-to-reach areas. As there are many manufacturers on the market, offering some quality gas string trimmers, it can be challenging to make a selection of the tools to consider purchasing.

These can be adapted to multiple lengths for ease of use, but are typically straight-shaft models. Grass weed wackers tend to have much higher torque and will blaze through jobs easily. However, the weight of the motor on top makes them top heavy and it takes practice to manage these. Dual-line feed provides a nice, clean surface cut to anything you plan on mowing down.

While checking out this model’s engine, you’re likely to also notice its massive fuel tank. In total, it can hold nearly three times as other weed whips in its price range. As a result, you can often tackle larger jobs with the momiloeUS 42.7cc without needing to stop and refuel. This model can also handle tougher cutting jobs as well, given that you can easily attach and utilize either the 10 inch or 18 inch cutting blades sets that come with it. Wild Badger Power is another brand that hasn’t had a whole lot of visibility in the overcrowded gas weed eater industry. But that doesn’t mean that you should ignore their WBP26BCI model.

Battery Powered Weed Eater Vs Gas

Gas-powered weed eaters are more expensive, the best ones costing over the $200 range. But, spending the extra money is worth it, and a nice gas trimmer will last you at least ten years if not a lifetime. The larger the cutting width, the less time it will take to cut down large amounts of grass and tall weeds. The smaller the cutting width, the more time it will take to get the same job done. That said, many properties aren’t large enough to really need a massive cutting width like 18-inches wide. Battery-powered weed eaters are a lot like their cord-trapped counterparts.

Still, when it came to regular trimming—even in heavier weed areas—this trimmer had little problem on multiple hilly properties in Los Angeles in spring 2020. Another impressive element of the Ego is its noise—or, rather, lack of noise. The trimmers we tested had noises ranging from high squeal to hair-dryer hum, and the Ego was among the quietest we looked at.

In 2021, a tree worker borrowed it in a pinch and was impressed with how easy it was to use. In general, we were impressed with how all of the attachments performed when attached to the cordless tool. There is no universal length of such a tool because different people need different tools.

best gas weed trimmers

Think about how much time would the landscaping take — cordless weed wackers are limited by the battery work time (usually 20–40 minutes) and spare batteries are fairly expensive. On a smaller garden, you can get by with a cheaper electric tool, but as the size of your lawn increases, you would appreciate the mobility of battery or gas trimmers. The shaft is another important thing to consider when choosing a gas-powered weed eater. It needs to be of sufficient length, or it won’t reach the ground while you’re using it, which can lead to backache if you use it for an extended period.

It’s not an unpleasant sound, and because the Ego’s motor is down at the cutting head, it’s far away from the ear, lessening the effect even more. This is in stark contrast with gas trimmers, which position the engine at your elbow and scream like fighter jets. The Ego’s relatively pleasant sound is not only good for your own hearing but a courtesy to your neighbors, too. But the Ego isn’t just for clear-cutting fields and destroying the invasive Japanese knotweed (although it’s certainly wonderful for that). In those more-delicate areas, we switched to the low speed setting, so we could maintain the ease of a full trigger pull but not have the trimmer at top speed.

Determine the cutting swath you need by examining what you will be trimming around. If there are a lot of tight areas in your yard, you need a smaller cutting swath. Corners and fences are great places for weeds and grass to grow. Consider the areas in which you plan to use the string trimmer, including its size and distance from electrical outlets. If you have a large lot with weed removal needs at the far edge of the property, an electric trimmer won’t work well because it is so far from your outlets.

Along the same lines, a weed eater with a curved shaft type tends to be more balance. a longer gas weed eater tends to be easier to use without requiring the user to hunch over. But perhaps they could gain a second reputation for quality gas weed whips if the Honda HHT35SLTAT has anything to say about it. This model utilizes a 35cc 4-stroke engine that is significantly more powerful than other units in its class.

best gas weed trimmers

Its dimensions are 39.75 x 10.25 x 10 inches, so it doesn’t take a lot of space to store it. Poulan Pro uses lightweight materials for easier cutting; even so, they are strong enough to provide high speed. The highest rated gas trimmers differ in cutting width, engine power, and other features. Here you will discover which one is better for various occasions. Gas weed eaters make maintaining a tidy and attractive garden a breeze. There are many options out there, from lightweight occasional trimmers to heavy-duty units for intensive use.

As long as you keep the battery charged, the weed eater and edger will run. As mentioned at the very beginning of this article, there are three main types of weed eaters. The three categories are defined by the type of fuel the product uses.

best gas weed trimmers

Protective eyewear should always be worn when using any trimmer to prevent the clippings from damaging your eyes. Although the trimmer is lightweight, it is also recommended that you purchase a hanging strap to make trimming even more comfortable. The Tanaka TBC-255PF packs a powerful punch, but it’s not without its faults. In some cases, the head had to be removed, disassembled and then rewound multiple times because of the line breakage. All in all, the WeedEater W25CFK is a great choice for homeowners looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use trimmer. Starting up this trimmer is easy thanks to its 2 Start spring-assisted starter.