The Best Way to Select a circular saw: professional tips

First of all, It’s necessary to Ascertain that circular saw is Appropriate for a particular job, as by the design of the tool you will find:

  • Stationary – really a machine, which will be a saw mounted onto a framework. Requires free space from the workshop, and occasionally another room. Made such a circular saw for permanent processing of lumber, and in huge volumes.
  • Table – the prior version in mini, installed on a separate workbench or desk, can also be used for sawing a massive volume of wood, for instance, during the building of the bath.
  • Manual – a portable application, intended for processing workpieces in distinct planes. This is the most usual type of circular saw, but the least powerful of the described. After functioning, it needs periodic remainder, and can be utilized for sawing small amounts of substance.

Hand-held tool is more versatile than stationary variants. It costs much cheaper, but under certain conditions is able to deal with the same tasks, even with less efficacy. When choosing it, you should be guided by the standards below.


According to the type of energy source, circular electric saws are divided into 2 classes:

  • Networked – they operate out of a domestic electric system of 220 V. If we discuss professional machines, then they need a lineup of 380 V. The disadvantage of the connection option – the need to have a power grid in the place of work, in addition to some inconvenience of operation due to the cable.
  • Vacuum – work in stand alone mode, even need the presence of a socket, but to control the battery, so their radius of performance isn’t limited by anything. Based on battery power, they can work on a single charge not more than 50 minutes.

The second option makes sense to buy only if for some reason it is not possible to use the mains saw. Form of work

Standard circular gears are designed for sawing wooden workpieces at different angles, but there are also specific versions of this tool:

Submersible saws come in stationary and handheld versions. Their difference lies in the fact that the saw blade in the first position is within the workpiece, capable to seep into its center. This enables you to begin cutting with the border of the substance, cut through holes.

Metal circular saws are strong models which are equipped with stronger or abrasive disks. Capable of cutting sheet metal, pipes, profiles. A number of them handle wood both well.

The diameter of the disk directly depends upon the ability of this saw’s electrical motor. The stronger the tool, the larger the disk it is in a position to rotate, the more stable the rotation frequency of the latter, the more the duration of continuous operation, the less probable the wedge. Additionally, powerful saws permit you to process heavier substance, but in addition they are heavier. Therefore, for instance, models at 2 kW on average weigh 7 kg, while 1.2 kilowatt – approximately 4 kg.

According to the energy saws could be split as follows:

  • 0,8-1,2 kW – the tool of ordinary power, is able to deal with many household tasks.
  • More than 1,2 kilowatt – gears for professional use.
  • The Way to choose a circular saw: professional hints

    The larger the width of the disc, the more powerful the electrical motor must be, the thicker the workpieces the saw may use. Seating diameter is just another parameter that decides whether a particular disk will match the chosen saw.

    At higher speeds, less torque is needed for sawing, meaning dense material is a lot easier to deal with. Keep in mind that using higher RPM the warmth of the substance at the area of contact with the saw increases, exactly the exact same plastic or laminate needs less RPM. Ideally, it is better to choose a saw with adjustable rate.

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    Five Various Ways To Do Hookup Dating Sites

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