PUA Forum – The Largest Grab Artist Community On Line

PUA Forum – The Largest Grab Artist Community On Line

Go Into The Overall Game: New Forum Customers Begin Here

Not used to seduction and pick-up? Drop by and introduce your self. We were new when!

Do pick-up and seduction strategies actually work? Can it be a skill-set any man can aquire? Where do We begin?

A few ideas about pick-up, seduction and relationships. *NOT FOR NEWBIE QUESTIONS*

YouTube videos of rAFCs, PUAs, or experts demonstating techniques/tactics or picking right up HBs.

Discuss episodes and activities about this periodis the Pick Up Artist with Mystery, Tara, Matador in addition to participants.

Tools & Techniques of Game: Meeting, Attracting and Seducing Women

How to overcome, which openers, time constraints, disqualification.

Following the opener – operating out of what to state, conversational subjects, kino escalation, rapport, convenience building, transitioning.

Time bridging, kiss tests, phone game and LMR.

DHV stories, negs, C&F, push-pull, ESP routines, certification, fluff talk, freeze outs, jealousy tactics, & kino tricks.

Discuss normal video video gaming: situational and observational openers, non-canned discussion, non-verbal game, direct game.

Discuss girlfriends and keeping a pleased, healthier relationship. Continuer la lecture de « PUA Forum – The Largest Grab Artist Community On Line »