Student education loans: what you should understand

Student education loans: what you should understand

Because you’re learning exactly the same program as on-campus pupils, you’ve additionally got usage of exactly the same capital help through the Australian Government—the advanced schooling Loan Program, also referred to as HELP.

HELP provides students that are eligible a loan to cover all or element of their tuition costs. You: HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP when you study through OUA, there’s two HELP loans that might apply to.

  • HECS-HELP: if you’re considering the full undergraduate level we recommend which you submit an application for your home right away—this means you may get complete tuition capital help by having a HECS-HELP loan.
  • FEE-HELP: you also have access to government funding through a FEE-HELP loan if you’re considering studying a subject or two, or are looking at studying a postgraduate degree.

These student education loans are right right here to assist you pay money for your level and topics tuition costs. Take into account that they don’t cover additional expenses like:

  • textbooks
  • unique research materials like paintbrushes
  • admin costs in making modifications like withdrawing from topics
  • research planning like quick courses on research abilities

While HELP loans are not limitless, the good thing is, in the event that you reach the limitation, you’ll top-up by simply making repayments. As soon as you’ve paid off the debt, you’ll be able to re-borrow whenever you’re prepared to carry on your studies.


HECS-HELP eligibility

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