Queen of Cups and King of Pentacles

Queen of Cups and King of Pentacles

Therefore, recently in a reading i acquired those two together. I was thinking « wow! Well. thats various, but we kinda want it. »

Exactly what would you dudes think? Would be the King of Coins and Queen of Cups a good match? They are plainly various, but personally i think water and earth get together effectively. I usually consider, like, a yard (king) then the water which makes it grow (queen). Also, i do believe ‘elemental dignity’ smart planet and water are friendly.

We additionally think of love, the King being a man that is more focused on being practical, like supplying convenience, security, and shelter into the relationship whilst the Queen may be the one maintaining the love alive being the support that is emotional the hardworking King.

Just what place did they fall in and that which was the concern posed or subject material?

Right now they’ve been simply two cards that are random could suggest definitely anything more. Continuer la lecture de « Queen of Cups and King of Pentacles »